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Featured Service: Water Storage Design

Water storage serves three purposes: to equalize supply and demand, to provide water during emergencies, and to fight fires. Designing a water storage facility, whether a tank or a reservoir, is one of a water utility's most important activities.

  • Dream Big: HAL celebrates Engineers Week

    Dream Big: HAL celebrates Engineers Week

    February 20, 2017

    We are pleased to celebrate Engineers Week with engineers, educators, and students worldwide. HAL engineer Gordon Jones explains his career choice and Gov. Herbert makes the event official.

  • HAL to present at RWAU conference Feb. 28

    HAL to present at RWAU conference Feb. 28

    February 13, 2017

    Topics include hydraulic modeling, utility mapping, and water source compatibility. See details here.

  • Logan water system continues to save energy

    Logan water system continues to save energy

    January 24, 2017

    In the three years since the efficiency project, Logan reports energy cost savings of 28% and water savings of 17%. “If the current savings continue, the payback period for this project will be shorter than projected,” said Paul Lindhardt, Logan’s water division manager.

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The design drawings were excellent, complete, and concise in the illustration of the project requirements. With the project taking place in a residential area, HAL was sensitive to the surrounding neighbors and designed safeguards and protections into the project. … Throughout the project they worked very well with the Contractor and KID Staff, along with […]

Board of Trustees
Greg Christensen, Chair
Kearns Improvement District
Kearns, Utah

I wanted to drop a note of appreciation for the excellent service we have received from Steve Jones. … In addition to the energy efficiency expertise, Steve has performed a variety of distribution system water quality simulations using the hydraulic model. Steve has consistently provided attentive and professional services and he certainly helps us do […]

Alan Packard
Assistant General Manager
Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District
West Jordan, Utah