It’s wonderful to work with a partner who shares our passion for helping clients improve their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Hansen, Allen & Luce’s technical expertise in hydraulic modeling and cutting-edge work in data analytics and performance benchmarking are vital to helping clients understand cost-saving opportunities and to organize around a big-picture energy vision and strategy. On top of their technical expertise, Hansen, Allen & Luce is easy to work with, responsive to requests, and collaborative.

Judy Dorsey, PE, CEM, LEED-AP

Brendle Group
Fort Collins, Colorado

Cascade Energy continues to work with Hansen, Allen & Luce for several reasons: unmatched technical knowledge in using hydraulic modeling for energy efficiency, culture of the people, and ability to relate to water system operators with varying geographical and operational challenges. Cascade and Hansen, Allen & Luce are continuing to develop a mutually beneficial relationship that will last for years to come.

Jeff Hare

Water/Wastewater Operations Manager
Cascade Energy
Portland, Oregon

The design drawings were excellent, complete, and concise in the illustration of the project requirements. With the project taking place in a residential area, HAL was sensitive to the surrounding neighbors and designed safeguards and protections into the project. … Throughout the project they worked very well with the Contractor and KID Staff, along with the various governmental agencies in meeting their entity standards and requirements.

Board of Trustees

Greg Christensen, Chair
Kearns Improvement District
Kearns, Utah

I wanted to drop a note of appreciation for the excellent service we have received from Steve Jones. … In addition to the energy efficiency expertise, Steve has performed a variety of distribution system water quality simulations using the hydraulic model. Steve has consistently provided attentive and professional services and he certainly helps us do our jobs better. I wasn’t surprised when I learned that Hansen, Allen & Luce received the Governor’s Excellence in Energy Award – Energy Innovator of the Year 2015. Congratulations to your firm and Steve for that well-deserved recognition. Thanks again and we look forward to further successes working with Hansen, Allen & Luce.

Alan Packard

Assistant General Manager
Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District
West Jordan, Utah

Hansen, Allen & Luce has been an excellent firm and helped Logan City with many projects. Their work has always been of the utmost quality. One project in particular has helped make Logan City’s water system more efficient to the point of saving over $100,000 per year in energy costs. Their staff has been very prompt in responding to any concerns or questions that we may have.

It has been amazing to see how familiar their staff has become with how our system operates. That familiarity has led to many suggestions and operational recommendations for improvements above and beyond the typical scope of work.

Logan City will not hesitate to do more work with Hansen, Allen & Luce in the future.

Paul Lindhardt, P.E.

Water/Wastewater Division Manager
Logan City Public Works
Logan, Utah

We have found the project planning and design by Hansen, Allen & Luce to be superior to that of other engineering firms. The fact that their plans and specifications are well thought out and detailed allow us as a contractor to assure that our estimate is complete and precise going into a competitive bid. We have found that we can afford ourselves to reduce our contingency on their projects because very little, if anything is left out of their project design. Their approach to design allows for fewer change orders during the project and a more harmonious flow of the job from project award to project close out.

Brent McNicol

Absolute Constructors, Inc.

I would like to send you a little note about the plans that your firm designed for the 4000 West waterline project in West Jordan. The plans for the 4000 west project were very detailed and complete making it easier for me as an estimator to have a complete quote package for my contractors. When we receive an incomplete or less detailed set of plans it makes our job very difficult…putting us in a situation where we have to make our best guess and if we are wrong our customer may lose the job due to incorrect product and higher quote pricing.

Chris Carlisle

Cost Estimating
WR White Pipe & Supply
Salt Lake City, Utah

Price City in recent months has completed the largest capital improvement project in the history of the City’s existence. The City Council decided it was time to replace the two pipelines from the treatment plant to the City, a distance of 12 miles. The replacement solution would be a single 20-inch diameter pipeline. Hansen, Allen & Luce was chosen from a group of approximately 13 applicants. Their outstanding reputation and abilities in water resources engineering stood out amongst the rest. They included the City’s staff at each step of the process. They had a great ability to stay on top of the project every step of the way, keeping track of construction scheduling, weekly contractor meetings, material storage, inspections, overcoming unforseen obstacles, and necessary cost effective changes.

Gary D. Sonntag, P.E.

Public Works Director / City Engineer
Price City, Utah

Murray City Public Services has enjoyed and benefited from a long term professional relationship with the engineering firm of Hansen, Allen & Luce. Personally speaking, the greatest asset that Hansen, Allen & Luce possesses is their integrity and commitment to do what is right, both for the owner, and contractor, on every project. Their entire staff is very professional, courteous and diligent in their duties.

Philip J. Markham

Former Public Services Deputy Director
Murray City, Utah

Faculty members of the College of Engineering at Utah State University have had the opportunity to work jointly with HAL on a study of the State Division of Water Resources to develop a water demand forecasting and supply planning model for the Salt Lake Valley. In their part of this study HAL has evaluated the supply systems of all the major water systems in the Salt Lake Valley. Their experience and knowledge has proven to be extremely valuable on this study, not only in terms of the engineering and technical elements, but also in terms of understanding the relationships among various water management agencies.

H. Scott Hinton

College of Engineering
Utah State University

Clyde, Snow & Sessions relies upon the professionals at Hansen, Allen & Luce to serve as expert witnesses before the Utah State Engineer and the Courts. As expert witnesses they conduct themselves with outstanding professionalism and integrity and we can confidently rely upon their opinions.

Steven E. Clyde

Clyde, Snow & Sessions
Attorneys at Law

I have known the principals in the firm through various professional contracts and activities for over twenty years. HAL has established a distinguished record of accomplishment working on a wide range of water engineering projects. Their experience and knowledge has proven to be extremely valuable, not only in terms of engineering and technical elements, but also in terms of understanding the relationships among various water management agencies.

A. Bruce Bishop

Former Dean
College of Engineering
Utah State University

This is a firm that prides itself by establishing excellent relationships so as to understand the client and their needs. They promote and use the latest and best technologies available to assure a successful project. They have and exercise the highest business ethics. I have had the pleasure to use Hansen, Allen & Luce on several projects and felt they exceeded expectations.

Mark D. Anderson, P.E.

Assistant General Manager
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District

Granger-Hunter Improvement District has always been extremely pleased to work with the staff of Hansen, Allen & Luce. As we reflect on our organization’s association with them over the past several years, we feel it has been to our benefit. They demonstrate a thorough and expert knowledge of engineering skills and procedures. They maintain a steady and constant flow of high quality work and professionalism with integrity. We have always felt confident about the projects they handle in our behalf, and would recommend them highly.

F. David Warr

Former General Manager
Granger Hunter Improvement District
West Valley City, Utah

I appreciate the opportunity to work with Hansen, Allen & Luce. I have confidence, gained through years of working closely with these gentlemen, that I can trust their service to be professional, accurate, completed in a timely manner at a very reasonable and fair cost, and their professional expertise, reputation and work ethic is honorable.

Voneene J. Jorgensen

General Manager
Bear River Water Conservancy District
Box Elder County, Utah

EPA region VIII has completed its technical review of the study entitled Determination of Recommended Septic System Densities for Groundwater Quality Protection”. Throughout our participation in this study we believe that the efforts of your consultant, Hansen, Allen & Luce, have utilized the best available data and scientific tools to perform the work. We were impressed by the scientific thought employed in developing a risk-based approach to perform the local mass balance calculations across the various geological and sociological settings of Washington County. We recommend the use of the results of this study by local officials in the implementation of septic tank densities within the study area.”

Max H. Dodson

Assistant Regional Administrator
Office of Ecosystems Protection and Rededication
United States Environmental Protection Agency

One of the outstanding qualities of the firm is their ability to converse with the client. Such a positive ability to communicate has afforded us a more efficient and thorough recognition of the elements of our projects. We have been happy with the quality and completeness of the deliverables submitted to us. We would certainly consider using the services of Hansen, Allen & Luce again in the future.

John Newman

General Manager
South Valley Water Reclamation Facility

We have retained Hansen, Allen & Luce to do engineering work for our District over the years. We have found them to be very professional and ethical in all the work done for us. Their work was done in a timely manner and we were very pleased with the finished product. They are an excellent engineering firm with a very good reputation. We world recommend them highly and use them again as needed.

Ronald W. Thompson

General Manager
Washington County Water Conservancy District

HAL has performed very well on all of the projects we have assigned to them. Their business ethics, engineering capabilities and trustworthiness are of the highest level. I recommend them to any community, government, or private entity who desires high-quality and cost effective engineering services. HAL’s personnel are hard-working, friendly people who cater to their clients’ desires and needs in a timely manner.

Howard Denney, P.E.

Public Works Director
American Fork

For many years Hansen, Allen & Luce, Inc. has provided Civil and Environmental Engineering services to the Salt Lake County Engineering Division. Services have included master planning of drainage and flood control systems, and the design of storm drains, flood control facilities, and channel improvements. HAL has performed very well on all projects we have worked with them on. Their business ethics, engineering capabilities and trustworthiness are of the highest caliber. They have become trusted advisers and consultants to the County.

Brent L. Beardall, P.E.

Engineering Manager
Flood Control Engineering Division
Salt Lake County

The City has spent over $32 million dollars in the past 6 years on water-related projects and we have worked with a variety of engineering consultants. Both our engineers and operators have found that the services provided by HAL are unsurpassed. We highly recommend HAL for any water resource engineering needs.

Brad Kalvano, P.E., P.L.S.

City Engineer
South Jordan City, Utah