HAL teams up to help Great Salt Lake

This year, as Great Salt Lake reached record-low levels and continues to threaten the region’s economy, ecosystems, and air quality, Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) has partnered with Jacobs to complete an integrated water assessment for the Great Salt Lake watershed.

Sponsored by the Utah Division of Water Resources, the project will assess water supply, demand, quality, infrastructure, and policy in the highly populated watershed, with a focus on the lake’s particular needs.

“We are honored to contribute our decades of experience with local water suppliers to assist the Division in their efforts to protect the lake and the surrounding ecosystem,” said HAL CEO Steve Jones.

Great Salt Lake’s condition is just one indicator of the ongoing drought across the western United States. “Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Great Salt Lake, they are the vital signs of the West’s water resources,” said HAL engineer and BYU professor Rob Sowby in a recent Y Magazine article. “And right now they’re nearly dead.”

HAL and Jacobs have partnered on numerous projects. HAL has a strong record of water conservation leadership and of supporting the state’s water planning efforts, including the Regional Water Conservation Goals in 2019 and the Water Use Data Collection Program in 2018.

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