HAL helps Utah establish new water conservation goals

The Utah Division of Water Resources today released Utah’s Regional M&I Water Conservation Goals, a new report that outlines the next generation of goals, practices, and policies for municipal and industrial (M&I) water use in the state.

The new goals supersede the previous statewide goal of “25% by 2025” and consider water use practices and opportunities relevant to different parts of the state.

“Targeting goals for a specific region allows the goals to account for things like climate, elevation, growing season, and specific needs,” said Division director Eric Millis in a press release. “It’s a more local and customized approach.”

Taken together, the regional goals represent a 16% reduction in per-capita M&I water use from 2015 to 2030. The report urges prompt action on secondary metering, landscape policies, and tiered pricing to reach the goals.

Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) and Bowen Collins & Associates (BC&A) were the consulting team for this historic project. The same team previously evaluated the Division’s water use data collection program.

“The project strengthens Utah’s commitment to water conservation and will benefit our state for years to come,” said HAL vice president Steve Jones, project manager for the consulting team. “We were pleased to serve the State of Utah in this landmark effort.”

Download the complete report or the executive summary.

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