Jones and Sowby present at two AWWA conferences


Hansen, Allen & Luce employees Steve Jones and Rob Sowby recently presented on water system modeling and optimization at two American Water Works Association conferences: the California-Nevada Section Annual Fall Conference in San Diego and the national Water Infrastructure Conference in Phoenix, both with Nathan Swain of Aquaveo. Presentation descriptions and downloads are below.

With partner Cascade Energy, Jones also co-presented the keynote address, “Stop Flushing Your City’s Money Down the Drain,” at the Idaho Energy & Green Building Conference earlier this week.

Web Applications to Support Municipal Water Works

2016 | Nathan Swain (Aquaveo) and Steve Jones

The interactive and intuitive nature of web apps makes them an excellent medium for creating decision support tools that harness cutting-edge modeling techniques and promote the work of engineers. We demonstrate how Tethys Platform has been applied to develop a web app that uses EPANET to simulate, visualize, and optimize water distribution systems. We discuss the pros and cons of using web apps to support municipal water works and illustrate with lessons we have learned while developing the EPANET app. Download original presentation and videos

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