IMS-AWWA conference: HAL and partners present


Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) participated in the 2016 Annual Conference of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Intermountain Section. The conference was held Sept. 13–16 in St. George, Utah.

HAL principals Lance Nielsen and Steve Jones presented in the technical sessions, and Steve Jones served on the conference committee.

We appreciate our relationships with AWWA, its local members, and our presentation partners Nathan Swain (Aquaveo), Julie Sieving (Brendle Group), and Gordon Miner (City of Saratoga Springs).

Web Applications to Support Municipal Water Works

2016 | Nathan Swain (Aquaveo) and Steve Jones

The interactive and intuitive nature of web apps makes them an excellent medium for creating decision support tools that harness cutting-edge modeling techniques and promote the work of engineers. We demonstrate how Tethys Platform has been applied to develop a web app that uses EPANET to simulate, visualize, and optimize water distribution systems. We discuss the pros and cons of using web apps to support municipal water works and illustrate with lessons we have learned while developing the EPANET app. Download original presentation and videos

American Water Works Association

Saratoga Springs: A Case Study of Installing Secondary Water Meters

2016 | Gordon Miner (Saratoga Springs) and Steve Jones

In 2012, when Saratoga Springs found that residents were using more than twice as much water as the system was designed for, the city decided to install meters on every connection. Although the process had its share of issues and complications, the results have been dramatic. Even before the metered usage showed up on the bill, the water use dropped significantly. By the time a rate restructuring took place and the usage actually affected the bill, most residents were already using the right amount of water.

American Water Works Association, Intermountain Section, Annual Conference

When Good Water Goes Bad: The Shocking Truth behind Incompatible Sources

Lance Nielsen

A major focus when developing a new drinking water source is determining its quality. Yet sometimes a water source of good quality may not be compatible with existing sources or facilities; even water from different depths within the same well may not be mutually compatible. Either case can result in major water quality concerns within the drinking water system. This presentation explores potential consequences of incompatible sources through multiple examples.

Well Maintenance Part 2: Record Keeping and Maintaining Well Efficiency and Performance

Lance Nielsen

We see many production wells that gradually produce less and less water over the years. If the problem is the pumping system, it is straightforward to repair or replace it. But if the problem is the well itself, how can the original production be restored? This session explores the need for well maintenance, including the need for good well production records and commonly used methods to restore well yield.

Photo: Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

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