Kayson Shurtz, MS, PE

Associate, Civil & Environmental Engineer,
Project Manager

Mr. Shurtz is an Associate at Hansen, Allen & Luce, Inc. (HAL) and serves as Project Manager and Project Engineer.  He has 11 years of experience working on hydrologic and hydraulic modeling studies, water distribution system modeling, reservoir operations modeling, sediment transport and scour studies, storm drain design, and numerous radar rainfall analysis projects. Kayson has worked on several large-scale reservoir operation models including reservoirs located on the Columbia River, Alabama River, Apalachicola River, and San Joaquin River systems. He has worked extensively with the Corps Water Management System (CWMS) successfully implementing the software for 8 different watersheds for various Corps Districts.  These models required intensive customized scripts to model the complex operations found on these systems.

Kayson has performed several water distribution studies focused on helping clients operate their systems more efficiently. He is experienced in multi-dimensional modeling including HEC-RAS 2-D, Flo-2D and GSSHA. He has been an instructor for a three-day HEC-RAS course sponsored by the Floodplain Management Association. Kayson received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University.

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