Trail network to enhance Bear River Massacre Site

For the past few years, Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) has assisted the Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation with plans for its Boa Ogoi Cultural Interpretive Center on the Bear River Massacre Site north of Preston, Idaho.

Now HAL, with BIO-WEST, is designing the Bear River Historic Trails, an interconnected trail system to help visitors experience the restored lands.

Paths, bridges, and boardwalks will wind through the 300-acre site, with lengths and loops for all ages. Visitors will be able to relax by the fish pond, see the hot springs, explore the wetlands, and bike on some of the larger trails. Trailside signs will tell the story of the 1863 massacre and educate visitors on the local plants, animals, and waterways that are so important to the Shoshone.

The project is being designed now and planned to be constructed this fall.

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