Sophia Reyes receives AWWA-IMS diversity scholarship

Sophia Reyes receives AWWA-IMS diversity scholarship

We are happy to announce that Sophia Reyes, an intern at Hansen, Allen & Luce, received the Diversity Scholarship from the Intermountain Section of the American Water Works Association. The award was announced May 9 during an online ceremony.

Sophia is a student at the University of Utah, studying civil and environmental engineering, where she is passionate about research and sharing ideas.

Sophia says she has always been taught water conservation growing up in Utah, and her parents both come from countries where water is scarce, so they emphasized how lucky she was to have reliable and clean water sources.

The Diversity Scholarship recognizes a minority student’s potential to contribute to the water industry in the Intermountain Section. The scholarship program supports students in the field of water quality, supply, and treatment.

Pictured: Sophia (center) with her parents and brothers

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