SLCDPU completes energy management study

SLCDPU completes energy management study

Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) recently completed an energy management study for the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities (SLCDPU) that identified 12% energy savings potential in its drinking water system and helps establish an ongoing energy management program.

“Our recently completed Wire-to-Water Energy Efficiency Study provided us with an opportunity to understand our department’s baseline energy use for water production and distribution and set energy savings goals for the future,” SLCDPU said in a prepared statement. “The study also identified several opportunities, both through operational adjustments and capital improvement projects, to maximize our energy savings potential.”

HAL’s partners Brendle Group and Cascade Energy also contributed to the study. The project helps satisfy executive orders on energy management and sustainability at City facilities.

“We have already used the study for planning efforts, and we look forward to implementing practices and projects to affect sustainable change to how our department uses energy to deliver water,” the statement said.

HAL is also helping SLCDPU design its new Water Reclamation Facility.

Photo: A member of the project team examines equipment at Parleys Water Treatment Plant.

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