Rapid infiltration testing informs stormwater design

Infiltration of water into soil is an important process to characterize in stormwater analysis. For the past two years, Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) has been exploring how to use the modified Philip–Dunne (MPD) infiltrometer test to determine hydraulic conductivity in the field.

The test is minimally invasive and, in porous soils, takes only minutes to complete. It requires special equipment, execution, calculation, and interpretation — services which HAL now offers in house. 

“The tests can be performed in place of percolation tests, providing more conservative design rates that feel more reasonable to reviewing cities,” said Dan Jones, P.E. “We can also perform these tests to verify post-construction infiltration rates of detention basins.”

Jones and other HAL employees prepared an ASCE research paper sharing their experience with MPD tests.

For more information, contact Dan Jones at info@hansenallenluce.com.

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