Provo water tanks nearly complete

Provo water tanks nearly complete

Provo City, Utah, retained Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) to analyze its water system and refine proposed storage locations and piping modifications for a new pressure zone on the far west side of the city. Following the analysis, the City selected HAL for the design as well as for services during bidding and construction of two water tanks and two transmission pipelines.

HAL provided conventionally reinforced and post-tensioned designs for the new 4- and 6-million-gallon tanks. Bidders were allowed to bid on either or both designs. For both tanks the post-tensioned tendon-type tank was the most economical.

The 6-million-gallon tank on Columbia Lane (Tank 1) is scheduled to be completed by July with the roof being prepared for the final pour in the next month. The roof and floor are required to be poured monolithically (at once). The tank is principally above grade, so a form liner inset is being used to create an aesthetically pleasing “rock” look for the exposed concrete walls (photo above). The form liner has worked very well; both the City and residents are pleased.

The 4-million-gallon tank near Slate Canyon (Tank 2) has been leak tested and is now being backfilled. During construction the City requested that the roof become a tennis court for public use. Insets for the posts were placed during construction of the tank roof. The tank showed no leakage through two days of testing. There were no cracks on the floor and all damp spots on the exterior of the wall dried within a week of filling.

Currently the transmission pipelines (10,000 linear feet of 24- to 30-inch ductile iron pipe) have all been installed and pressure tested.

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