Logan water system continues to save energy

Logan water system continues to save energy

After modeling the Logan, Utah, water system a few years ago, Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) designed a project to improve the system’s energy efficiency while simultaneously resolving transmission and pressure problems.

“After installing several PRVs, rebuilding two culinary wells, and creating a new pressure zone in 2013, the City of Logan experienced significant water and energy savings along with an almost 50% reduction in mainline breaks,” said Paul Lindhardt, Logan’s water division manager. “The savings and operational efficiency have continued each year since 2013.”

Relative to the pre-project baseline, the water system now reports average energy cost savings of 28% and consistent water use reductions of 17% over the past three years.

“If the current savings continue, the payback period for this project will be shorter than projected,” Lindhardt said.

Logan has also enjoyed several qualitative benefits including fewer customer complaints, proactive maintenance, and “improved employee morale as the crews are able to complete planned projects rather than just reacting to main breaks,” Lindhardt said.

The results demonstrate how energy efficiency catalyzes other performance improvements and is a cost-effective, sustainable solution. In 2015, APWA Utah selected the project as its Public Works Project of the Year and Journal AWWA featured a case study on the project.

Lindhardt and his staff are excited about the progress. “We are continuing to look for other areas in our water system where we can improve efficiency and create more savings,” he said.

Photo: Logan Main Street by Paul Hermans / CC BY-SA 2.0

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