Jordan Valley Water embraces energy efficiency

Jordan Valley Water embraces energy efficiency

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, a major water supplier in the Salt Lake City area, has saved $435,000 through low-cost or no-cost energy efficiency measures it implemented over the past year. A new case study and blog post published by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality describe the district’s strategies and results.

Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) was part of a team that assisted Jordan Valley in a year-long energy management program with partners Rocky Mountain Power and Cascade Energy. The district saved 3.9 million kilowatt-hours, about 10% of its typical energy use and well beyond its original goal of 1 million kilowatt-hours. In addition to the energy cost savings, the district also received substantial incentives from Rocky Mountain Power to fund future efficiency projects.

“Efforts to use electricity as efficiently as possible are consistent with Jordan Valley’s own programs to conserve water resources and strengthen Jordan Valley’s ability to provide high-quality, sustainable water,” said Alan Packard, the district’s assistant general manager and chief engineer. “Several project and operational adjustment ‘wins’ have demonstrated the value of the team’s efforts.”

The changes implemented during the first year will continue to save energy, and the program is continuing into a second year.

HAL has provided professional services in civil engineering, water resources, and the environment for over 40 years and is a recognized leader in water system optimization and energy management.

Photo: Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant in Herriman, Utah.

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