Jordan Valley Water completes second round of energy savings

Jordan Valley Water completes second round of energy savings

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD), a major water supplier in the Salt Lake Valley, launched an energy management program in 2014 that targeted no-cost optimization opportunities and energy-saving capital projects.

The first period exceeded expectations and the second period, completed in October 2016, outperformed the first. Altogether, JVWCD had saved over 20 million kilowatt-hours. The savings constitute a 19% reduction from the district’s baseline energy use, according to the program’s final reports.

“Jordan Valley Water’s participation in Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart strategic energy management program has been a great success,” said Alan Packard, JVWCD’s assistant general manager. The savings amount to over $450,000 annually.

The project partners, which included JVWCD’s in-house energy team, Rocky Mountain Power, Cascade Energy, and Hansen, Allen & Luce, identified several strategies which the district then implemented:

  • Maximize previously underutilized surface water
  • Prioritize most efficient wells
  • Work with member agencies to shift demand locations to avoid transmission bottlenecks
  • Evaluate capital projects for further energy savings

The changes implemented in the program will continue to save energy and money every year. Also critical to the program was the social change JVWCD underwent in embracing an energy management culture. A forthcoming case study in Journal – American Water Works Association will describe the program in detail.

“Hansen, Allen & Luce’s involvement on the team has been instrumental to our success,” said Packard.

Photo: Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant in Herriman, Utah.

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