HAL takes on role as Welby Jacob Canal engineer

On March 1, 2020, Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) became the engineer for the Welby Jacob Canal (formerly known as the Provo Reservoir Canal).

On behalf of the Welby Jacob Water Users Company, HAL is responsible for reviewing encroachments, designs, and construction activities that affect the canal, which provides irrigation water to Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

“The canal is an important piece of local water infrastructure,” said HAL’s Brian Andrew, P.E., who oversees the reviews. “We’re very pleased to represent the Welby Jacob Water Users Company and assist them in keeping the canal safe and functional.”

The Welby Jacob Water Users Company owns rights to 40,000 acre-feet of Utah Lake water. The canal, which runs over 20 miles, conveys water pumped from the Jordan Narrows north to Salt Lake County (Welby Canal) and south to Utah County (Jacob Canal).

Anyone desiring to encroach inside the canal corridor or otherwise affect the canal facilities must obtain an encroachment agreement prior to construction. The application form and standard drawings are available here.

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