HAL presents at AWWA-IMS annual conference

HAL presents at AWWA-IMS annual conference

Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) participated in the 2015 Annual Conference of the American Water Works Association Intermountain Section. The conference was held Sept. 16-18 in Logan, Utah.

Ben Miner, Lance Nielsen, and Rob Sowby presented in Thursday’s technical sessions. Steve Jones helped organize the conference and hosted a hydraulic modeling workshop. David Hansen moderated several sessions. Descriptions and downloads are found below.

Compliance Strategies for High Levels of Arsenic, Nitrates, and Other Constituents in Groundwater

2015 | Benjamin D. Miner

Groundwater is a major source of safe and clean drinking water for most public water systems. However, many otherwise great sources are plagued with high levels of arsenic, nitrates, or other constituents regulated by primary drinking water standards. This presentation addresses sampling and treatment strategies, with discussion of the relative complexity and costs of implementation. Case studies are also discussed.

American Water Works Association, Intermountain Section, Annual Conference

Grow the Flow — Score H2O! Maximizing Production through Thorough Well Development

Lance Nielsen

Well drilling is a risky and expensive endeavor, but is critical for meeting the water supply needs for communities throughout Utah and Idaho. Well development plays a key role in turning your well into a WELL. This presentation will explore well development issues in the context of a highly successful well recently completed by Provo City and other well drilling case studies.

Energy Intensity of Utah Water Utilities: Results of a 2015 Study

2015 | Robert B. Sowby

Water services require significant amounts of energy, and energy is typically a water utility’s largest controllable cost. While good data exist for other states, Utah’s position is relatively unknown. A 2015 study, the first of its kind in Utah, collected and analyzed energy data from dozens of water and wastewater utilities throughout the state. This presentation summarizes the study’s results and discusses some of the data issues encountered during the study.

American Water Works Association, Intermountain Section, Annual Conference

Hydraulic Modeling Workshop

Steve Jones

Hydraulic modeling is a valuable tool for water operators, managers, and engineers to understand their water system and operate it smoothly. Using free EPA software and a campus computer lab, we’ll introduce hydraulic modeling and its core concepts. Learn how to build a basic model, run different scenarios, and interpret results.

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