HAL founder honored at Utah State University

HAL founder honored at Utah State University

UWRL director Dr. McKee congratulates Dr. Hansen on his lifetime contributions to engineering.

A reception was held at the Utah Water Research Laboratory at Utah State University to honor Dr. Vaughn E. Hansen, founder of Hansen, Allen & Luce, on September 11, 2012. Dr. Hansen was recognized for his contributions to establishing the laboratory and for serving as its first director. Dr. Hansen was presented with a plaque highlighting his accomplishments that will hang in the Utah Water Research Laboratory.

Following the presentation led by Dr. Mac McKee, current director of the lab, Dr. Hansen spoke to attendees about his admiration for the engineering faculty and deans at Utah State University and shared stories about his career. Dr. Hansen started his acceptance speech by acknowledging that although he planted the seeds for the laboratory, there were many contributors along the way who helped make the facility what it is today. Dr. Hansen specifically thanked one of his early professors, O.W. Israelson, for mentoring him as a student and fostering his career in water resources engineering.

The event was attended by University officials; principals and employees of Hansen, Allen & Luce; engineering students; and friends and family of Dr. Hansen.

Hansen, Allen & Luce is proud of Dr. Hansen’s impressive contributions to the field. His legacy continues to inspire excellence in the firm.

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