HAL and Aquaveo present hydraulic modeling solutions to city engineers

HAL and Aquaveo present hydraulic modeling solutions to city engineers

Dr. Nathan Swain of Aquaveo and Steve Jones of Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) recently introduced CityWater, a web-based EPANET application, at the Utah City Engineers Association winter conference held Jan. 25–26 in St. George, Utah.

“A water distribution system hydraulic model is an important tool for any city,” Swain said. “It represents a significant investment of time and money to develop, but typically it is made available to only a select few in the organization.”

Jones explained that such models are often difficult to navigate and require special desktop software, limiting their use to a small number of people or computers.

HAL, with expertise in water system analysis, partnered with software developer Aquaveo to make EPANET hydraulic models more accessible and useful to engineers, managers, operators, and administrators in their daily duties.

CityWater offers an intuitive interface and access-anywhere convenience to unlock the data in EPANET models. The application allows users throughout the organization to visualize pressure, head, velocity, flow and other important variables on an interactive web map that can be viewed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone browser.

“We’re bringing the model to the people,” Jones said. “It’s a simplified web viewer to facilitate analysis, decision making, and communication among water system staff.”

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