Dream Big: HAL celebrates Engineers Week


This week, Feb. 19–25, is Engineers Week, highlighting how engineers “Dream Big” and make a difference. The engineers of Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) are pleased to celebrate Engineers Week with millions of engineers, educators, and students worldwide.

“When you take a step back and look at the world, it’s impossible to avoid the reach of engineering as it extends into everything we do, where we live, how we get places, and the tools we use for everyday tasks,” said Gordon Jones, an engineer and project manager at HAL. “I love being a part of the engineering community involved in solving problems.”

“When I chose civil engineering as my field of study, I was hoping to make a difference to society and the environment,” Jones said. “I can say that in my 16 years with HAL I have been able to do exactly that. HAL is involved in projects every day that impact people’s lives and we pride ourselves in innovation and thinking outside the box as we strive to come up with the best solutions.”

At HAL’s request, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert issued a declaration making Engineers Week official in Utah.

“Engineers apply their skills and knowledge to further society’s technological progress, strength, health, and prosperity in creative and innovate ways … improving our quality of life and revolutionizing the way we learn, work, and communicate,” the declaration says. “…We recognize the importance of engineers to our state’s continued growth and prosperity.”

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