A little rain won’t stop the 13400 South sewer bypass

Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) is assisting the South Valley Sewer District with sewer modifications being made along with the new underpass. This is just one of several new underpass and improvement projects led by UDOT.

A little rain won’t stop progress on the 13400 South and Bangerter Sewer Bypass project, but boulders might.

“As UDOT removes signals to convert Bangerter Highway into a freeway, some of the intersections have been designed as underpasses,” said Jacob Nielsen, P.E., HAL’s engineer for the project. “The drop in grade conflicts with existing sewer lines, so the sewer lines have to be rerouted. When the rerouted sewer crosses Bangerter, the contractors don’t want to shut down the road, so instead they bore the casing underneath. At 13400 South and 9800 South, however, the bores encountered large boulders, so the road had to be closed and the casing was installed in an open-cut trench.”

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