Saratoga Springs Irrigation Pond and Pump Station

Secondary Water Facilities
City of Saratoga Springs
Saratoga Springs, Utah

Saratoga Springs Irrigation Pond and Pump Station


In order for Saratoga Springs, Utah, to continue to grow at its current rate, additional storage was needed in its pressurized irrigation system. Hansen, Allen & Luce (HAL) provided design and construction management services for a 17-acre-foot concrete-lined storage pond for Zone 1 and a 3,200 gallon-per-minute pump station for Zone 2.


The $4.5 million project included:

Storage Pond

  • Bedrock excavation (accomplished through blasting) of approximately 41,000 cubic yards
  • Construction of dam embankment consisting of 13,000 cubic yards of material with a structural height of 35 feet
  • Reinforced concrete pond bottom and 2.5:1 side slopes, which included Xypex admixture
  • 30-inch-diameter inlet/outlet ductile iron pipeline (2,400 feet long)
  • Inlet/outlet structure which included wedge-wire screens
  • Emergency spillway structure consisting of 8-foot-by-3-foot box culvert
  • 24-inch-diameter RCP storm drain pipeline from emergency spillway (2,500 feet long)
  • Under drain and toe drain for the pond consisting of perforated PVC piping

Pump Station

  • Three 100-horsepower vertical turbine pumps with variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Flow meter (mag meter)
  • Split-face concrete block building with standing seam metal roof
  • 16-inch-diameter transmission pipeline to upper pressure zone (1,800 feet long)


Due to the size and location of the pond, state Dam Safety officials classified the pond as “High Hazard,” which resulted in additional regulations. Other minor challenges were the amount of time needed for blasting and excavation of the bedrock in order to achieve the required depth of the pond.


HAL designed additional features to satisfy the increased Dam Safety requirements. To allow for additional growth, the storage pond was designed for a future expansion with a total storage of 29 acre-feet. The construction of the pond itself took about five months to complete and was ready at the start of the 2018 irrigation season. Overall completion of the project, from start to finish, took approximately eight months.

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