Kearns Improvement District 5 MG Tank and 30″ Pipeline

Tank and Pipeline Design
Kearns Improvement District
Kearns, Utah

Kearns Improvement District 5 MG Tank and 30″ Pipeline


Kearns Improvement District had two existing concrete storage tanks with a combined capacity of 3 MG at its complex located at 5350 West 5400 South. The District desired to replace both tanks with a single, larger 5 MG tank on the site, a project consistent with HAL’s previous master plan recommendations. HAL helped the District design and permit a new 5 MG water tank and 30″ pipeline on a busy site while maintaining access, water service, and public acceptance during construction.


The project required demolition of two existing tanks and the design and construction of a new 5 MG tank on the existing site, as well as a new 30-inch-diameter transmission pipeline within the UDOT right-of-way on 5400 South. The project scope included:

  1. Assisting the District in the selection of the type of storage tank.
  2. Preliminary and final design of the tank and pipeline, with accompanying facilities.
  3. Coordination and permitting with government entities.
  4. Providing administration service during bidding and construction.


The project site already contained two separate potable-water tanks that were to be replaced, as well as the District office building, maintenance shops, a well and well house, and a pump station. The project site is located in a residential neighborhood. Key project issues included 1) sequencing construction of the new tank so that the District could keep the existing 2 MG tank in service and maintain access to shops and other facilities on the site, and 2) assisting the District with public acceptance of the project and in obtaining the Conditional Use Permit through Salt Lake County.


The 5 MG tank was designed and located on the portion of the site where the existing 1 MG tank was located. This tank was taken out of service and demolished; the new tank was constructed while the 2 MG tank remained in service. Barrier trees along the perimeter of the property were preserved as a buffer to residential properties that border the site. Various meetings were held with both Salt Lake County and the neighborhood council to facilitate public acceptance and the permitting process. HAL accepted an Award of Appreciation for the design and construction after the project was completed.

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