Water Sector Energy Management

Energy Savings

  • Jordan Valley WCD: 20,000,000 kWh
  • Logan, Utah: 2,500,000 kWh
  • North Salt Lake, Utah: 1,400,000 kWh
  • Spanish Fork, Utah: 1,500,000 kWh


Energy Innovator of the Year
Utah Governor’s Excellence in Energy Awards, 2015

Best of State — Civil Engineering
Best of State, 2015, 2016

Public Works Project of the Year
APWA Utah Chapter, 2015

The water sector is a major energy consumer. According to the EPA, drinking water and wastewater services are typically the largest energy consumers of municipal governments, accounting for 30%-40% of total energy consumed.

We’ve helped water utilities cut energy use by over 30% and reduce peak power demand. Hansen, Allen & Luce has assisted Rocky Mountain Power, Idaho Power, Bonneville Power Administration, municipal clients, and energy consultants with their programs to manage energy in the water sector. This has involved energy management engagements, savings analysis, energy audits, workshops, and other services.

HAL’s own experience corroborates that of research by EPA, AWWA, EPRI, World Bank, Alliance to Save Energy, and others—that there is ample opportunity for water utilities to improve their energy efficiency, often through no-cost or low-cost alternatives. HAL offers a proven team, practical tools, and professional experience to seize these opportunities.

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Energy Management in the Water Sector: A Major Sustainability Opportunity

2016 | Robert B. Sowby

Energy management in the water sector is an untapped sustainability opportunity with financial, environmental, and social benefits. Research and case studies demonstrate that energy reductions of 10% to 30% are typical for water utilities that pursue efficiency. Such solutions are cost-effective, prompt, and synergistic.

The 1st International Electronic Conference on Water Sciences